About Us


Our Vision

To be a leadership resource center for Africa and beyond for generations to come.


Our Mission

Our mission at Mount Kenya Academy is to provide the finest education possible for future leaders by informing the mind, developing the body, and enlightening the spirit. We intend to graduate scholars, artists, athletes, and community leaders. The school nurtures the whole person in a supportive environment which values Christian principles.


Our Core Beliefs


We set and achieve ambitious goals, work constantly to improve, and are dedicated to helping our students realize success. Excellence means we invest time in understanding the needs and requirements of those we serve and find ways to delight them. We hold high expectations for ourselves, our colleagues, and our students. We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our students and our school.


Mount Kenya Academy’s students demonstrate integrity and high moral character by adhering to ethical principles, acting honorably, and assuring that there is consistency between their beliefs, words, and actions. They safeguard their integrity and demonstrate their character by exercising the moral courage to do the right thing.


Mount Kenya Academy emphasizes the need for students to work together in all aspects of their learning experience. We believe that collaboration and cooperation help build emotional and social skills for students, as well as improve their understanding of concepts


We seek out innovative ways to empower every student to succeed in life and learning. We strive to teach children in the ways that they learn best by incorporating an innovative curriculum to relate lessons to the learner. We believe that all people have passion, potential, and possibility.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

 Underlying our principles as Mount Kenya Academy is the understanding that we are all a part of this ecosystem that we call the world. It is everyone’s responsibility to craft new ways of positive interaction with our environment for our combined sustainability. As a school, we must show children awareness in choosing actions that benefit our local and global community.

Self Reliance

At Mount Kenya Academy, a love of learning and the opportunity to expand horizons on an independent basis is encouraged from the early days. Opportunities are provided for students to take ownership of their learning at appropriate levels, encouraging them to experiment, explore and enquire to expand and enhance their knowledge as they grow in confidence and independence.

Self Confidence

Mount Kenya Academy nurtures the students to believe in their intellectual and physical ability to explore their interests and excel. With a strong belief in their ability to do their best, our students open themselves to new ideas.


Our Heritage & History.

Mt. Kenya Academy was founded in 1982 by Mr & Mrs. Mwangi. Originally, the school was situated at the Nyeri Kindergarten premises but relocated to its current location in 1983. In 2004, the Senior School wing was started.

Ever since the first MKA class sat KCPE examination in 1988, the Junior School has ranked among the most successful schools in Kenya on KCPE performance. Its graduates have gone on to excellent government and private secondary schools and then to Universities in Kenya, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. Many of them who have completed their studies now have high profile jobs in Kenya and abroad.

For a long time there was a desire to start a Secondary School based on the same strong cultural principles of the Junior School. In the past, when a student graduated from MKA, parents were faced with the difficult task of finding a similar happy learning environment – one which provided high academic standards, individual attention and broad social and co-curricular activities in a secure non-urban atmosphere.

In January 2004, MKA Senior School fulfilled this need voiced by so many parents. It is a school that benefits from the rich heritage and record of success of the neighboring Junior School. The school is a coeducational establishment offering predominantly boarding places. Students of all faiths find a warm welcome at the school.


Our Historical Timeline

We are proud of how far Mount Kenya Academy has come and we strive to continue providing quality education and nurturing leaders.


Start From The Beginning

The School was started by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mwangi at the Nyeri Kindergarten site in Nyeri town.

Mount Kenya Academy moved to its present location in Nyeri.

Build From Zero



Grow To The Sky

The first class to seat for KCPE examination & since then it has been ranked at the top in Kenya.

The inception of MKA Senior School. This fulfilled the need voiced by the community.

Strive For The Peak



Pupil Care

Mount Kenya Academy (MKA) prides itself on providing students with a strong foundation for a fulfilling and successful life. Our vision, to help nurture future generations of well-balanced and morally grounded leaders, fills our campus with positive energy. When you visit you will find a community of friendly, hardworking people who care about each other, who are focused on discovering the world we live in, and thinking of ways to improve it.