Mt. Kenya Academy

I saw a tree by the riverside one day as I walked along,

Straight as an arrow and pointing to the sky,

Growing tall and strong.


“How do you grow so tall and strong?”

I said to the riverside tree,

This is the song that my tree friend sand to me.



I’ve got roots growing down to the water,

I’ve got leaves growing up to the sunshine,

And the fruit that I bear is a sign of the life in me.


I am shade from the hot summer sunshine,

I am nest for the birds of the heaven,

I’m becoming what the Lord of trees has meant me to be,

A strong, young tree.


A saw a tree in the city streets

Where buildings blocked the sun,

Green and lovely, I could see,

It gave joy to everyone.


“How do you grow in the city streets?”

I said to the city tree,

This is the song that my tree friend sang to me.



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