The Kenya International Cello Festival, May 30th 2022

Mount Kenya Academy was excited to host the Kenya International Cello Festival on May 30, 2022. The Festival brought together cellists from the Unites States of America to collaborate and perform throughout Kenya in May 2022.     The Kenya International Cello Festival is a cultural and educational initiative that will foster global understanding between people of the United States, Kenya, and Africa. The repertoire that was chosen and the classes that were offered reflect a vast tapestry of compositional voices and the interwoven cultural fabric of its setting. Students from Mount Kenya Academy and other East African schools will gain exposure to various cello music. Our mission at Mt. Kenya Academy is to provide the finest education possible with a focus on both academic excellence and talent nurturing. The festival was an opportunity for our students to learn and collaborate with international cellists. The vision of the Kenyan Academy is to establish globally, a network of musicians from diverse nations who have an interest in the arts and music. If successful, this initiative will create bridges between students and change lives for generations to come. The organizers of the festival had a commitment to ensure that all children, especially those who live in rural areas, can share these experiences and form a better understanding of cultures around the world. The schedule for the day included rehearsals at the school that started at 10.30 am and the performance at 2.00 pm. World-renown cellists, Robert Howard and Rebecca Merblum performed together with Ghetto Classics and cellists from our school. This interactive concert explored all aspects of playing cello under the guidance of expert cellists from America. We enjoyed the classical music played, and our cellists got the chance to play and learn in collaboration with experts.  
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