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We have a well-structured Pastoral Care system whose role is to ensure the well being and comfort of every child.

Our school aims at graduating students who are capable of adapting to the 21st century demands. We offer several clubs and programs depending on individual interest. Our clubs and programs include: Model United Nations, St John’s Ambulance, Presidential Award Scheme, Scouting, Debate, Journalism and Photography, Science and Technology, Young farmers, Environment and Wildlife, Board games (Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble etc).

Clubs provide the learners with opportunities to develop life skills.  Clubs meet on Thursday after school. Most clubs and programs are free. However, parents may be requested to make certain payments in order to facilitate student’ participation in certain activities. We encourage our students to take advantage of our vast clubs and programs depending on their interest.  

A close relationship with Westminster schools, Atlanta Georgia and Mount Kenya academy has existed since Mount Kenya Academy was founded in 1983.The exchange program began in 2006. Every year since, a group of 6-8 students from each school accompanied by two teachers visit each other and participate in both learning and recreational activities. The application process is highly competitive and involves a written application, oral interviews by internal and external panels.For the successful students, it is a once in a lifetime experience.


The Careers department guides students to make the right choices for their future. Different courses have different subject requirements, thus guiding learners as they choose their subjects.Even when the students take the minimum required subjects, they must consider a broad choice that will enable them to switch fields should they want to do so in the future.We use an online Career aptitude test that reveals their strengths and interests in different fields as they approach the subject selection process. Together with parental input, the students make their choices in Form 1 and Year 9. As students reach the final year of their program, we offer guidance on the next step – information about A-level, IB and university applications,both local and international.

Service to the Community is a core value at MKA. We serve our neighboring communities at Game Rock, Chania, Kirimara,Kingongo Primary Schools and  children homes. Our students go out to join the pupils in these schools and assist them in tuition programs, sports, development of language and interpersonal skills. Some of the secondary school students volunteer to teach Sunday School at our Junior School on Sundays.