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Home Away From Home

The school is designed and equipped to provide outstanding educational and homely environment. It is a family boarding school where social and personal needs come first. The beautiful extensive campus, five kilometres from Nyeri, is situated in the foothills of Mt. Kenya surrounded by trees and coffee. Students have a view of the sun rising behind the shoulder of Mt. Kenya and the sunset glow behind the Aberdares and Nyeri Hill.

Staff Housing is close to the boys and girls dormitories. Matrons experienced in boarding schools live in the dorms. Support staff assist in areas such as cleaning and laundry. Pupils benefit from a secure, healthy environment. Municipal water is filtered and stored by the school. Borehole water is also available. There are separate, dedicated computer/telephone lines so that email and Internet access is constantly available. There is an infirmary and a resident nurse.

Food is carefully prepared by a team of professional cooks and kitchen staff catering to a wide range of tastes and requirements.

The staff consciously works to create a home-like feeling of community. Close monitoring of all boarding students is considered to be of utmost importance. Boarding is well structured to ensure security and appropriate supervision. Pupils are assigned to tutors who closely follow and advise on academic progress and social development.

On weekends, there are various organized recreational activities for all boarding students. The Junior School parents/guardians may visit their children during weekends if they so desire. The Senior School has scheduled visits.