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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence: Mount Kenya Academy Alumni Reunion

The Mount Kenya Academy Alumni recently gathered to celebrate the school’s momentous 40th anniversary. The delightful cocktail celebration served as a joyous reunion for former students, teachers, principals, and even the school’s founder. It was an evening filled with laughter, heartfelt conversations, and an opportunity to relive cherished memories. The event also highlighted the importance of alumni involvement in the future development and marketing of the academy. A chairperson was elected to foster communication and collaboration between the alumni and school administration, ensuring a collective effort towards enhancing Mt Kenya Academy’s reputation and influence. The alumni, through their achievements and ongoing success stories, continue to contribute to the promotion and advancement of the school, making it a beacon of excellence in education for generations to come.

Mount Kenya Academy’s Participation in the Presidential Awards-Kenya Program

At Mount Kenya Academy, the development and excellence of every learner is a top priority. In order to achieve this, the school has designed programs that help learners discover their true potential, embrace important values, and understand their role in society and globally. One such program that has proven to be a success is the […]

Mount Kenya Academy Donation

Mount Kenya Academy recently donated 250,000 Kenyan shillings and various food items to the County Government of Nyeri to help families facing starvation in the county.

Student life at Mount Kenya Academy

Our students share their experience at Mount Kenya Academy. They talk about the academic, extra-curricular and every other bit that make this school their school of choice.

Kenya International Cello Festival – Our Experiences

On May 30th 2022, we had the honor of hosting the Kenya International Cello Festival. We had the privilege of learning from and playing along with world-reknown cellists like Robert Howard and Rebecca Merblum.
It was an exciting moment for the cellists in our school and their teachers as they put their abilities and training to practice.

WITHOUT REGRET: My Journey from 8-4-4 to IGCSE

WITHOUT REGRET: My Journey from 8-4-4 to IGCSE​ Mount Kenya Academy only admitted students to the IGCSE curriculum in Year 9 until recently when doors opened to younger scholars in Year 7 and Year 8. This development couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was in 8-4-4 and working hard to score […]


MY BATIAN’S VIEW EXPERIENCE Batian’s View Experiential Center is an amazing place to be when you are not loaded with the burden of books. At Batian’s, there are a series of obstacles and challenges. All my life I have always had the strange urge to do risky things. There is something about adrenaline that makes […]

MKA has been a home away from home​

MKA has been a home away from home Mount Kenya Academy has been a home, it has taught me to love, to be compassionate, be a leader, a servant, and many more. It has provided us with opportunities to nurture our abilities through the various programmes and activities, including the Micro-finance programme, a program that […]


I saw a tree by the riverside one day as I walked along, Straight as an arrow and pointing to the sky, Growing tall and strong. “How do you grow so tall and strong?” I said to the riverside tree, This is the song that my tree friend sand to me. Refrain I’ve got roots […]


Mount Kenya Academy, our school, The kudu is our crest, With hope alive, For peaks we strive; And always do our best, And always do our best. And as we’ll ever upward move, Our hearts and minds don’t tire, In deed and thought, Do what we ought, To this we will aspire, to this we […]

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